3 Things Needed for a Strong 4th Quarter


Most of us have probably all seen a football or basketball team play a very strong 4th quarter to win a game against a tough opponent; make a memorable comeback, or just flat out beat a team they really have no right to beat. 

There’s power in the “4th quarter”, and it applies not just to sports—which is a good thing as the majority of us are not actively competing any more.  It applies to life, and our next 4th quarter begins in less than two month as we step into the end of 2017.

So, here are 3 things you may want to consider that I cover in our Managing Yourself and Your Stuff workshop:


Transport yourself to December 31st and ask yourself the question: What needs to be real in my life?  As you ponder this question and develop your answer you’ll likely begin to break it down into the key areas of your life.  What needs to be real with your family and key relationships…your health…your wealth…your career…your Faith or Spirituality…your creativity…your fun and leisure life?  These are the big ones that show up for people, but please add any others that have your attention.  I’d then suggest you write it down in story form as if it already happened, in past tense and with detail.  You can write it on paper, or your computer or phone; one guy I was with years ago recorded it as a voice memo on his phone to listen to a few times each week.  The key then is to read it and focus on it.

2.       TAKE ACTION

Not much happens without action.  When you read your vision in past tense, you’ll likely become aware of the actions you need to take to drive the vision to reality.  Capture these actions and be sure you get them on your to-do list.  Keep one list that is current and easy to engage with.  I keep mine in Outlook tasks and calendar, and assign due dates so the tasks sit at the bottom of my calendar in the daily task list.  I’ll advise against using your email inbox and/or your head as your to-list.  Your inbox is usually not defined by the action and its priority, it’s simply the loading dock of your life where a lot of information lands; focus to convert it into clear actions.  Microsoft Outlook has a great function called Quick Steps that can automate this process so you move easier and faster.  And your head is just plain unreliable when it comes to holding on, remembering and prioritizing the actions we need to take.

3.       EVOLVE

To evolve is to undergo continuous and gradual change.  Look back to the first 3 quarters of this year and celebrate your accomplishments, learn from your mistakes and poor choices (think Tom Brady and last year’s Super Bowl), and press on into the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 with focus, energy and happiness.  Peace!



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25 years since my visit to Heaven’s Front Porch

At 4:00 pm today it will be 25 years since my visit to Heaven’s Front Porch.  I’ll remember the day of our accident, and the experience always.  We lost Bruce that day—a wonderful husband, father, son, brother and friend.  That was, and remains the hardest part.  And this past November we lost Bruce’s brother, Stew.  Two wonderful men, gone way too soon.  I took a run this morning and went out on the jetty at the Cape May Ferry terminal.  I do this often and at the end I pause and pray for a few minutes, then do the rest of my run.  The large sign marker at the end of the jetty has the number 11 painted on it.  I smile at this because after the accident I would see the number “1111” many times, and it continues.  Each time I saw it in the weeks and months after the accident I was usually in a shitty state of mind—blame, guilt, despair and all the other emotions of a person in “victim mode.”  When I’d see “1111” on a clock, a taxi, a billboard or wherever; I’d feel a calm come over me that I attribute to the Bruce’s spirit.  It was if he (and now Stew too) are saying to me “it’s all okay.”  I cherish these moments.  In a church in Montecito, CA when on retreat this past December, I’m sure I heard Stew’s voice whisper to me, “I’m okay.  It’s okay.”  I smiled, cried, and felt so peaceful.

So, in reflection, I’ve learned three things in these past 25 years since my visit to Heaven’s Front Porch.  First, I know that there’s an energy in me—I call it my Soul, my Spirit—that continued on after the 8,000+ volts entered my body…and stopped it.  The best way to describe it is I was living physically as a human being; then I wasn’t, the ladder hit the wires and I was alive as a spiritual being.  It was a peace I’ve not experienced since.  Me, this consciousness, paused briefly in the physical world to yell to Stew to get Bruce as he came down the ladder after hearing the sound of the metal ladder strike the wire. Stew would tell me later that I never said anything.  I’d just smile and say, “Well, I did.”  So, I’ve learned that our Spirit is the energy needed for our bodies to work.

Second, I’ve learned that life is tough, it’s actually a bitch, and really good people—really, really good people die way too early.  I’ve witnessed the courage of the wives and kids and other family members and friends move on through the grief and create happiness and fulfillment in their lives—always remembering their loved ones. I know “there’s a fine line between here and there.” So I’ve learned that life will unfold the way it does, and we must seek the support we need to get through the tough times, as St. Paul offers us, “Press on.”

Lastly, I’ve learned—actually I know that the energy that makes my body go is also in each one of you.  And when your body stops (and I trust that’s not for a long time for you) this energy will not.  You may call it Soul or Spirit or energy or for you Star War’s fans (Joey & Matt) you may just call it the Force.

We’ve all lived a certain number of days so far—today is my 19,608th day, and all of them have been a gift.  But you know what?  The greatest gift we have is what I call our question marks (???) – this is the number of days we have left.  So in your question marks, perhaps consider a few things to create more happiness and fulfillment in your life and the lives of others:

–  lead with LOVE

–  be bold with your vision

–  be thankful

–  forgive (then forget what you forgave)

–  believe in something bigger than us

–  trust it will all be okay

And smile and laugh more.  Peace.



Author, Back From Heaven’s Front Porch

Abraham’s Diner, Simple wisdom for control, focus & inspiration


Wonderful wisdom…

Listen for some great insight from my friend, Mike Duffy, Director of Limen House in Wilmington, DE.  He and his team are doing tremendous work supporting people in recovery.




STUCK?….the simple answer is to SEEK SUPPORT & BE SUPPORT

It’s a given in life that we all get stuck and frustrated and in a state of low-energy and inspiration.  The key to getting back on track is to be aware of being stuck, understand it’s okay, and then apply thinking and action to move forward.  And this thinking and action should be around seeking support for yourself, and being support to others.  Be well . #jckrbbt