jckrbbt – 5 principles to create happiness and fulfillment


I guess like most first time authors there’s a bit of uncertainty about whether or not anyone–besides Mom and Dad–are going to like your book.  Okay, okay, there’s a lot of uncertainty.  Anyhow, with the support of many people Back From Heaven’s Front Porch was published in August, 2012.  I’m humbled by the feedback that’s been received about the book, and about the impact it’s had on many of you.

  • An old friend of mine has rediscovered her Faith and is going back to Mass
  • Two very successful executives–and golf buddies–are creating time throughout their busy days to be still
  • An academic All-American football player is working on developing vision
  • Many have told me they don’t usually read “your kind” of book, but they enjoyed the thinking it stimulated for them and they’re going to read more
  • Many of you have said you are trying–and succeeding–more often at, “leading with love
  • A young man said he has strengthened some friendships to seek support–and weakened others where the person is infected with stagnating negativity
  • One professional is taking the needed action to move into a new phase of her career after investing the focus to know thyself

These changes are created when one thinks about, then applies and practices the 5 simple principles I call jckrbbt.

develop vision <—> create reality

be still

know thyself

seek support


So, for the next month or so, I’m going to write a blog on each of these principles of jckrbbt.  I’ll provide my understanding of the principle, and actually how to practice it.  What I need from those of you who want to participate, and have read Back From Heaven’s Front Porch, is for you to send me examples of how you have and are applying the principles of jckrbbt–and the outcome(s) you’ve created as a result.  You can send them to danny@dannybader.com.


Be well and I wish you a peaceful,  happy and fulfilling 2013!


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