Workshop: jckrbbt



What is jckrbbt?

Ah, yes jcrkbbt?  I get this question a lot. People often say initially that they conjure up images of big eared rabbits running round the desert. The idea of jckrbbt came out of a coaching model I developed in 2007 when I was completing my coaching certification at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.  You see, everyone has a set of principles or personal philosophy.  A philosophy that guides them. jckrbbt is what I call the one that has worked and continues to work for me.

Why do I call it jckrbbbt?

When I was developing this model, this approach to living, I wanted to have an animal as the logo for my company and to be a sign for this model. Something simple that people would recognize so they could stay conscious of what it means to them. I researched all types of animals and narrowed it down to a few. The jckrbbt was not even on the list. In the final selection process I focused on one word that’s vital to me—vision. I thought about a few, but none of the ones I’d selected really felt right. So, I researched animals and the word “vision”.

And the jackrabbit showed up.

An article I read said the jackrabbit has some of the best vision in the animal kingdom because its eyes sit very high on the sides of its head and more toward the back, giving it the ability to essentially see three-hundred-and-sixty degrees—to be aware of its whole environment. For me this was it, this was what I was trying to understand myself, and what I wanted to support others in learning. To live a happy and fulfilling life we should develop the innate sense to pay attention to all of our surroundings—self, health, relationships, career, family, spirit, money…everything.”