Keynote Speaking

Creating a Happy and Fulfilling Life

Danny Bader is an author and speaker who believes it’s our philosophy of life and our principles that allow us to create happy and fulfilling lives.  Danny uses his exceptional interpersonal skills and enthusiasm to help people really understand themselves and create a powerful vision to turn into reality.   His passion and energy for this is rooted in his own journey of development.  Born and raised in a big loving family outside of Philadelphia, he had an easy life until a tragic accident left his friend dead, and Danny having spent some time in ‘another place’ that he believes was Heaven.  Since then, Danny has distilled his philosophy of living a happy and fulfilling life into five principles, which he calls jckrbbt. Danny uses these five principles of as the basis of his thought-provoking, humorous and inspirational talks.  His book, Back From Heaven’s Front Porch, 5 Principles for Creating a Happy and Fulfilling Life, continues to receive strong reviews.

“There’s nothing more important than developing a clear and bold vision.  After all, isn’t that the core definition of leading a productive life?” asks Danny.  “And we should focus on doing this as easily as possible…and doing it while we lead with love.  It all begins with the vision, then comes the execution part and one’s ability to develop habits and an organizational system that allows them to move fast and easy…and be certain to focus on right things.  And these right things–these goals and actions–should all move the vision to reality.  It’s really simple in theory.  But what also needs to happen is that one perpetually needs to know themselves and work to stay in strong mindsets and eliminate limiting beliefs that hold us back.”


Participants will:

  • Learn to develop and execute on a clear, realistic and inspiring vision

  • Tap into the power of using stillness to renew energy and focus

  • Identify talent and skills that need to be leveraged—and in some cases strengthened to support one’s vision

  • Identify and overcome the negative thinking and beliefs that hold us back from our vision

  • Understand the importance of seeking support—and being support

  • Learn the vital nature of a learners mindset—and to practice the principle of evolve—that is to undergo continuous and gradual change