Workshop: Managing Yourself and Your Stuff

Managing Yourself and Your Stuff

Maximizing Focus to Maximize Results.

When I ask people to rate their productivity from 1 to 10, most answers typically fall between 4 and 7.  I then ask, “What’s your strategy to get to an 8?” Many respond, “I don’t know.”  This workshop provides individuals with a strategy.

You see, it’s not about managing time; it’s about managing focus.  To stay ahead in the game of life one needs to work from both the inside and the outside.  Maximum focus, control, and inspiration toward your personal and professional life are generated when we:

  • Develop a strong, habitual approach, and system. Which allows us to better manage projects, emails, phone calls and interruptions—and get more done in less time!
  • Develop a strong, clear vision
  • Hold strong mindsets about “our world”
  • Understand how & why the principle of “being still” actually supports our well-being, focus and productivity

In this practical workshop, participants will develop a clear vision and identify the mindsets that prevent them from achieving their goals.  They are provided the tools to evolve their thinking and maximize their focus.  Participants will engage in hands-on activities creating a system within Microsoft Outlook® to manage their commitments that come to them via email, meetings, conference calls, interruptions and the outside world in general.