What do you need to do to come out of your shell?

When we pay attention life will present us with some very simple, yet profound lessons and information to consider.  This happened to me this morning as I was out for a morning run and headed down the back-entrance road to the Cape May Ferry.  I saw an object in the road in front of me, about the size of an apple.  As I approached, I saw it was a turtle, only his/her (wasn’t sure, and don’t know how to check) nose was sticking out of the shell.  When I bent over to pick it up, that quickly pulled into the shell.  I walked it over to the grass and said goodbye.  Even in the sandy brush, he/she was hunkered down in the shell.

As I resumed my run this question crashed into my mind: 1) Where might I need to come out of my shell?

What I’ve been struggling with recently is how to build my brand—Danny Bader—and all related to it…books, podcast, speaking, products, blog, on-line course, etc.  What I say I want is to be like others in my space that are supporting all of you on this wonderful journey called life.  Simply put, I want a greater reach.  But what I realized with my turtle-encounter is I’m not doing the things the others are doing.  I need to continue to create more content (but sometimes am scared people won’t like it), I need to develop an on-line course walking people through the jckrbbt principles that I wrote about in Back From Heaven’s Front Porch (but I freeze when thinking about the financial risk and the uncertainty of the success of the course). 

So here’s the challenge we must overcome: in most cases when we want growth—in business and our career, health, relationships, etc—but fear, risk and uncertainly show up.  What we might want to do is think about these “triplets” differently and realize they show up when we are close to creating a better life for ourselves.  We must do our best to mitigate the risk, but what my little turtle friend slowed me down to realize is that risk, fear and uncertainty are the step stones on path the growth.  What we think about changes when we change how we think about it.  Choose to think differently about the “triplets”.

What action do you need to take to come out of your shell?