“Oh shit, what have I done?”

Recently I’ve had many conversations with people that are at the proverbial crossroads in their life.  It seems they have a decision to make, and they’re not sure what to do.  They often talk of the triplets that show up on the doorstep to our minds at these times—risk, fear & uncertainty.  I recently posted a short video clip about this from one of my talks, and many of you responded, so I thought maybe I’d elaborate. Last night I was sitting on the front porch listening to some music, and the song (Gotta Be) Something More, by Sugarland, came on so I took that as a sign to write this blog.  Ha ha, gotta pay attention for the signs.

After making these decisions we often reflect on it and it’s not long until that little voice in our head says, “Oh shit, what have I done?”  Sometimes we just let it rip right out loud.

So, what are some of these crossroads?  It could be that you’ve thought of leaving your current job and getting another, or starting a business of your own?  Maybe you’re on the fence about getting into a relationship where everything feels right, but you just don’t know.  Or it’s the other way around; you’ve been in a relationship too long and the thoughts of leaving it are daily inhabitants of your mind. As the school year approaches maybe it’s going out for a team, or stretching into taking some AP (advanced placement) courses, or switching schools.

How do we make these decisions?  One way is to do the old trusted pros and cons on a piece of paper.  Another is to talk it out with parents, family/friends, a coach, counselor, or other.  Often the answer lies in the silence you may want to create for yourself so go practice the jckrbbt principle be still.  Get away from the hustle and bustle and the intrusive technology, and just sit, and breathe, and pray.  Remember, it’s often in the absence of sound when we hear the most.  And above all, pay attention to your feelings, your gut—that never lies.

Here’s the thing: you’re going to make the decision and will likely mumble, “Oh shit, what have I done?”, and this is okay, press on and hold useful thoughts about your direction and take strong actions.  Trust that it’s all gonna be okay.

And one last thing, not making a decision is a decision.  Be sure to look at both sides, because many people have remained in their jobs and stayed in stale relationships and not challenged themselves, and many years have passed , and they sit quietly, and their little voice speaks, “Oh shit, what have I done?”  Life is a wonderful gift and it goes fast and is not guaranteed…pay attention!