near-death survivor

Danny Bader is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker whose life was transformed after he died when 8,000 volts of electricity ripped through him…then, he came back to life, from what he calls Heaven’s Front Porch where he connected with “something bigger than us.” He uses this experience to lead people to learn to create more perspective, joy, and a love that refreshes weariness, drives vision, and fuels momentum in every part in our lives.


Renowned Speaker

Across the country, Danny has been inspiring the people of Fortune 500 companies like Merck, Comcast, The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott and Adidas with insight and practical tools that builds momentum in the midst of defeating monotony. Often people find themselves stuck in their story of misfortune, lack of purpose, failure, or inadequacy, when in fact a bold vision and right perspective is what they need to propel them forward with greater purpose and professional productivity than ever. Danny’s reputation as an influencer in this arena continues to grow among some of the most well-respected brands and organizations nationwide.


#1 Ranked Author

Ranked #1 by Amazon and hailed by Success Magazine, Danny’s recent books are compelling stories that allow readers to identify themselves with the real-life characters and turn that final page with a renewed awareness of their own purpose and passion for living resilient and fulfilling lives.

“The wisdom and insight provided in Danny’s books allow one to reflect, think, and perhaps make a few positive changes in their own lives.”
— Amazon Customer
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Trusted Voice

Back to Life, Danny’s podcast and blog, are inspiring people worldwide with real-life stories, thought-provoking conversation and practical, proven strategies to create resilient, energized, and fulfilling lives. Dive into his latest content, here.

Listen to how 8,000 volts of electricity transformed Danny’s life forever.