Facilitating growth. Inspiring vision. empowering practically.

The workshop experience with Danny is like none other. With his humor, storytelling, and big bold passion Danny helps participants hone their understanding and use of practical strategies to experience transformation in their day-to-day work life. With proven steps to sharpen employee focus, clarify vision, and build momentum, Danny Bader is leading teams into greater fulfillment and productivity nation-wide.

Workshops are engaging for participants and highly practical, empowering people with strategies that are immediately applicable in helping them manage themselves and their stuff with great purpose and passion resulting in a whole new level of resilience and productivity which fulfills both individual and corporate goals. That’s what we call a win-win.

Danny was one of the best facilitators I’ve seen. He has an inspiring personality, high creativity, infectious personality and intensity that can help anyone participating in one of his workshops.
— Workshop Attendee


This workshop provides individuals with a strategy to build momentum and increase productivity. The key isn't managing your time, it's managing your focus. Maximum focus, control, and inspiration toward your personal and professional life are generated when you:

  • Build a strong, habitual approach, and organization system; allowing you to better manage projects, emails, phone calls and interruptions—and get more done in less time!

  • Develop a strong personal vision

  • Eliminate your negative thinking & build strong mindsets

  • Understand how & why the principle of “being still” actually supports our well-being, focus and productivity

In this practical workshop, participants will engage in hands-on activities creating a system within Microsoft Outlook® to manage their commitments that come to them via email, meetings, conference calls, interruptions and the outside world in general.  You will invest in the vital activity of developing a clear personal vision and identify the beliefs and mindsets that inhibit you from achieving your goals.

I know you may not get the chance to understand how you impact people when you hold training sessions but I wanted to take the time to tell you about the huge impact it has already had on my life.
— Workshop Attendee