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  What is jckrbbt? Ah, yes jcrkbbt?  I get this question a lot. People often say initially that they conjure up images of big eared rabbits running round the desert. The … Read More

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Creating a Happy and Fulfilling Life Danny Bader is an author and speaker who believes it’s our philosophy of life and our principles that allow us to create happy and … [Read More...]

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51 good things to do that I’ve learned in my 51 years…

1. Stay connected to the “something bigger” in the world…I call it God! 2. Forgive others. 3. Love your Mom/Dad/Sister(s)/Brother(s) and extended family. 4. Invest in your friends…they’re priceless. 5. Eat healthy. 6. Exercise. 7. Journal. 8. Ski the Rockies (preferably in the Spring). 9. … Read More...


Get an early morning focus…

Research says the first 15 minutes after we wake are instrumental in how our day is going to go...this has a HUGE impact on our mindset. So a few practices you may want to experiment with: 1.     When you wake take a really deep breath and smile.  Do this while you're still laying in bed...and … Read More...