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  What is jckrbbt? Ah, yes jcrkbbt?  I get this question a lot. People often say initially that they conjure up images of big eared rabbits running round the desert. The … Read More

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Creating a Happy and Fulfilling Life Danny Bader is an author and speaker who believes it’s our philosophy of life and our principles that allow us to create happy and … [Read More...]

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Press on…

Sometimes we just need to stand up straight, take a deep breath, smile.....and heed St. Paul's encouragement. Be well Danny     … Read More...

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seek support…seek friendship

I took this picture in Switzerland last year--I was moved by the energy of Love these two had for one another...pretty cool.  A birthday card I received from my dear friend, Michael, last week held the quote from true. To all of my friends...I love you and am extremely thankful for … Read More...