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  What is jckrbbt? Ah, yes jcrkbbt?  I get this question a lot. People often say initially that they conjure up images of big eared rabbits running round the desert. The … Read More

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Creating a Happy and Fulfilling Life Danny Bader is an author and speaker who believes it’s our philosophy of life and our principles that allow us to create happy and … [Read More...]

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“Use the Force Luke” (or Danny)

I believe there is a Force—an energy that’s available to us that inspires us toward our dreams; supports us in our despair and heartache, and leads us to goodness and Love. Some call it God, some call it Light or Mother Earth, or kwan or the Force…I call it Spirit. And it showed up today and made … Read More...

DB_be still license plate


My best friend snapped this picture recently while leaving Philadelphia. I'm trusting that maybe the person in the Jeep read my book, Back From Heaven's Front Porch, or better yet this is a principle they've practiced for a long time. Reports vary, but it's a safe bet that over 140 billion … Read More...


Know thyself and thy mindsets…even the good ones!

ser•vile adjective \ˈsər-vəl, -ˌvī(-ə)l\ : very obedient and trying too hard to please someone I’ve been pondering lately the mindset of kindness that many of us hold. And while on the surface it is a good thing, it may also not serve us well. It came to me that I should write about this as … Read More...