Phil Martelli 

Today’s episode of Back to Life has a very special guest, Coach Phil Martelli. Phil was not only Danny’s basketball coach, but he also coached the Saint Joseph Hawks basketball team to seven NCAA tournaments and currently assistant coaches the Michigan Wolverines. Phil has had a notably successful career and has acquired an array of knowledge throughout his experiences. In this interview Phil gets vulnerable about his experiences and talks about the importance of being teachable, how love and companionship has supported him through his career, and finding strength in asking for help. Join Danny Bader in this insightful and exciting interview.  

Joe and Pat

Life is full of uncertainty, which is why we have to learn to do our best to navigate the ups and downs tenaciously. Today’s guests, Joe Mullen and Pat McCall have an abundance of experience in business and life which they graciously share in this episode. They discuss the impact of perseverance, breaking difficult patterns, and how to stay accountable in following your vision. This interview is full of tips to help navigate the raw and inevitable aspects of life. Join Danny Badder in this enlightening and heartfelt interview to learn how you can better live in the moment and head in the direction you want to go to live your best life.

The Millionaire Medium

Today’s guest has an unconventionally inspiring story! Known as the Millionaire Medium to many, Lisa Jones has a unique gift of being able to communicate with the supernatural. Lisa has learned how to tap into her innate ability to bring peace and confirmation to many individuals lives.

Life has brought her many opportunities to bring solace into the lives of grieving family members and to provide insight for corporate workers. To learn more about Lisa’s remarkable talent and how you can tap into your own spirituality join Danny Bader in this interview on Back to Life.

Show Highlights:

Lisa’s out of body experience and how she became a Millionaire Medium

Lisa’s first experiences with feeling the supernatural and interacting with spirits

Getting involved in corporate America and the influence spirituality had in Lisa’s position

Creating the life of your dreams and not living to please someone else

Paying attention to the signs life gives you

How Lisa’s career as a medium unfolded

How Lisa uses her gift to shine light on death in corporate

Interactions Lisa has had that spread tranquility for others

Methods to connect with your own Divine wisdom for people in corporate and for people who have lost a loved one

Practices to connect with your spirit

Embracing death and using it to improve the quality of life

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“I don’t feel the need to be a part of any organized religion”

“You don’t always know why”

“I’ve yet to learn how to monetize any of this gift”

“I feel like I’ve been called here to shine light on death”

“What fills me up are the emails I get from my listeners”

“This is the most healing place on the planet”

“Embracing death is the fastest way to improve your life”

The Story of One Man’s 20+ Years in a Cult

When most people think of a cult, there’s horns and sacrifices involved. Many people don’t realize how deceiving and manipulative cults truly are. Hoyt Richards, a model and actor, fell victim to the manipulation and tactics practiced by a cult group. After 20 years of committing his life to his cult community, Hoyt recognized it for what it truly was and began his journey of recovery.  

The Journey of Finding Your Passion with Davey Uosikkinen

Often times if we remain open, life will bring opportunity our way. Davey Uosikkinen, drummer for The Hooters, has manifested this practice his whole life. Not only has his openness to his journey led him to a wildly successful music career, but it’s allowed him to use his passion to enhance others’ lives. To hear more about Davey’s journey and how to find your own passion, join Danny Bader in this episode of Back to Life.  

Overcoming Obstacles to Pursue Your Dreams

When most of us think Nashville, we think of country music and upcoming artists, much like today’s guests. Both Priscilla Block and Brandon Lovelady are aspiring musicians who have quit their traditional jobs in order to pursue their passions full time. In today’s’ interview, we cover the struggles of pursuing a nontraditional career, the pressure of being surrounded by other artists, and how to keep yourself motivated.

Set Your Intentions to Clarify Your Mission with Chris Pan

Your purpose and intent may be unclear, but sometimes all you have to do is ask yourself a few questions to get clarity. Chris Pan has created a company around intent and he’s designed it to help make those questions easier - and he’s created a product to help you remind yourself of that intent. It’s time to claim your word to match your intent. Once you establish your own calling it’s easier to help others recognize their calling, which is the purpose of this overall project. If you want to learn more about building community, spreading positivity, and discovering your own word, tune into this episode of 11 Minutes to Inspiration with your host, Danny Bader.

Identifying Suicide Risk Factors and Taking Appropriate Action with Janet Sarkos

Suicide awareness has become a prominent topic over the past few years but we are still in the beginning stages of truly taking action. Many of us probably know someone who has thought about or committed suicide, but didn’t know how to help them. In this interview Janet Sarkos, executive director at Caring Contact, helps identify red flags and how to take appropriate action. It could mean the difference between life and death.

I met Jesus for a Miller Lite

In Danny Bader’s new book, I met Jesus for a Miller Lite, he shows a new perspective on meeting God, trusting in him, and exploring those core values. In this episode of 11 Minutes to Inspiration, your host Sally Marie Young interviews Danny Bader to get more insight on his inspiration. Tune into this episode to find your platform to meet God and learn to live in the simplicity of your personal spirituality.

Don Sandel

I met Don Sandel about 4 years ago, and ever since then I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when we mixed our two areas of passion and expertise. The result is nothing short of wonderful. In a former life, Don worked with a Pharmacy Organization with their Learning and Development department. With his background in human behavior, Don decided it was time for some new ventures out on his own.

With Sally Miller

In this episode, I’m joined by Sally Miller, life coach, soul stylist, and expert on personal vision. Sally believes that vision is essential to our life direction and makes a tangible impact on what we make into a reality. Whether it’s your ideal weight, your idea of a perfect relationship, oryour dream house, we all have deeply-held desires. But they’re hard to go after, especially when we surround ourselves with people who don’t support our vision or feel like we’re unworthy of achieving the vision we truly want. Sally and I talk about how vision and productivity go hand in hand, and we offer some useful tips on how you can pull out your deepest desires, bring them to light as personal visions, and make them your new reality.

How to Make Lasting Change with Retta Matagiese

In this episode, Retta Matagiese, former Division II athlete, sits down to talk to me about her journey with weight. For years, Retta was overweight and wanting to make a change in her life.She considered everything and explored every option -- from fad diets and weight loss programs to a variety of dedicated work out programs. But what truly helped Retta with her weight loss was her focus and her realm of support. Her support included specialized weight management doctors and nutritionists, trainers at her favorite gym, friends and family; and with this, Retta was able to remain conscious around her relationship to food and movement by keeping goals in mind and helping friends and family to hold her accountable.