Be Still

I offer to you with great conviction that stillness is what we all crave and need; and it’s the most elusive of all we need to move to greater levels of happiness and fulfillment.  be still is the second of the 5 jckrbbt principles that I’ll write about in this new year.

While technology, and the social media that has come with it has many cool things about it, one thing is for certain–it compromises our ability to create stillness in our lives.  I believe the ability to be still is fundamental to happiness and fulfillment for 3 reasons.

1.  Mentally – to be still is to quiet your mind

Have you ever had a great idea or feeling of tremendous inspiration when you were thinking about nothing?  Albert Einstein once offered for our consideration this quote, “I lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of quiet life stimulates the creative mind.“  Hmmm, wise man, that Einstein guy.  How many of us would argue that we even get close to ‘the monotony of a quiet life.’  Not me, but trust me friends, I work on it every day and I’m getting closer.  Our minds are so occupied with all the actions, thoughts, things to remember, and people to follow up with,  and information from facebook, twitter, instagram and on and on. People tell me they cannot find the time to be still, and I smile, hug them if I can, and tell them they are never going to find the time, they must create the time.  Realize the value of being still, and do it.

2.  Physically – to be still is good for your body

When we slow down and breathe, just breathe, things happen.  Our bodies release chemicals into our bloodstream that genertate feelings of joy, peace and relaxation.

When we slow down and breathe, just breathe, things happen.  Our blood pressure and heart rate drops.

When we slow down and breathe, just breathe, things happen.  I read in an article about the benefits of meditation that it actually reverses the aging process.  Now, come on, who doesn’t want some of that?

3.  Spiritually – to be still is to be with God

And last, but most powerful, is the belief that when we slow down and clear our worldly stuff, we create room for God.  As I stated in my book, Back From Heaven’s Front Porch, “It’s often in the absence of sound that we hear the most.”  Our life in this world is important, but it is nothing without a strong and consistent relationship with God.  Spiritual energy is better than any drug, shot of tequila,  or 5-hour energy drink ever created.

So, be still.  Yes, how do we do it?  I offer below a few ways I and many others practice the jckrbbt principle of be still.

  • pray
  • meditate (here’s a great link on this )
  • take a walk in nature (no phone, no music, just walk)
  • sit in a chair in the sun (no phone, no book, no music…see a theme emerging here?)
  • put your head back in your office chair feet on the floor and just stare
  • go on a retreat
  • take a break from technology
  • play 9 holes of golf in the late afternoon by yourself (walk, no cart)

Be still, and be well.