“Clear space” is a good thing… (emails and all…)

I was tagged on the picture in this post.  It’s from my good friend, Will, and he knows the value of “clear space”…in his in-box and head.  One of the many new beliefs I developed in my 5 years of working with David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, was that clear space fosters control, and a relaxed focus.  So if you’ve never…or not recently…gotten your in-box empty–give it a try this week.  Part of my jckrbbt philosophy for managing your stuff and yourself is to be sure to develop a strong system for all of your actions.




You likely have 4 choices for your emails…do the fast ones, trash a lot, save a few, and convert the others to action..just turn it into a task with a due date, or a block of time on your calendar.  Simple, right?

And another thing my friend Will has mastered is the art of developing his vision and then turning it to a wonderful reality.  It’s a joy to watch him create what he desires for himself in life!   Read more about developing your vision here.