Get an early morning focus…

Research says the first 15 minutes after we wake are instrumental in how our day is going to go…this has a HUGE impact on our mindset. 

So a few practices you may want to experiment with:

1.     When you wake take a really deep breath and smile.  Do this while you’re still laying in bed…and hold the smile…keep smiling.  It may feel weird, but hell, the likelihood of someone seeing you is slim…unless you’re sleeping next to them…and that should be okay.  Right?  When we smile we lower our heart rate, release endorphins that eliminate stress….and ready…smiling naturally lifts our face and can make us look up to 3 years younger…now can I get and Amen.



2.     Get a quote of the day to focus on.  You can do this from a book, google or wherever.   Years ago my older brother, Paul, gave me a this set of small sticks–each containing a quote.  Most mornings when I’m in the office I pull one and reflect on it…good stuff.

Often, my kids will choose one as well.  This morning our son, Joey, pulled a great one.

“Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.”  – Ayn Rand

I have a few friends and clients that are in this internal fight (and you know who you are)…keep fighting…it will all be okay!

Be well & have a peaceful weekend.