“Use the Force Luke” (or Danny)

I believe there is a Force—an energy that’s available to us that inspires us toward our dreams; supports us in our despair and heartache, and leads us to goodness and Love. Some call it God, some call it Light or Mother Earth, or kwan or the Force…I call it Spirit. And it showed up today and made me feel really freakin’ good.

I was out this morning on a long run. Often I think on my runs; at about mile 7 I was pondering a conversation I had yesterday with two good friends who have been working on the screenplay for my first book,  Back From Heaven’s Front Porch. It was a great conversation filled with insight and respect, honesty, love and support of one another. The result is one of my friends/writers is no longer engaged on the project as his directing career in LA is gaining some wonderful momentum. I’m okay with this outcome and fully support his work. Our friendship remains intact, and we will eat again at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood.

So I’m running along and dealing with all the self-talk and negative mindset about me having the talent to write a screenplay. Although my other friend and co-writer is off and running and doing great work. Thankfully, I dealt with this quickly (trust me, I’ve had lots of practice) and began to “write” scenes in my head as I ran. I “write” often when I’m running. I don’t listen to music…it’s peaceful…creativity seems to come easier. So I’m “writing” this scene for a main character, Sammy. Sammy is a former Wall-Street millionaire who goes deep into the jckrbbtprinciple know thyself. She abandons Wall Street for a small bar in Moab, Utah…and in the process reclaims her Soul. The good news for me here is that Sammy will likely be played by the beautiful Jen Anniston…the bad news for me is that Jen does not know this yet. So if you know Jen, maybe drop a hint for me. Ha. Hey, it’s my vision, right?

As I’m working on this scene in my head I’m running down a simple, country road that cuts through some serious horse country in our county. Fields line the road with many fence posts leading into the wooded areas. This was the third time I’ve run this road as I’ve recently added it to my route to increase my mileage. I ran up a slight hill and on the way down the other side I noticed a for sale sign—a nice for sale sign—just ahead. It was next to a lane comprised of two strips of crushed stone as wide as tire tracks. I glanced to the right and noticed it rose slowly about fifty yards back off the road until it disappeared over a crest running between two simple, chest-high stone columns.

As if drawn—I stopped, turned and jogged to the top of the crest. About 20 yards away I noticed a small sign to the left with the work “estate” carved into it. Arriving at the sign I stopped like a man who steps off the curb and then sees the bus coming. Atop the word estate were two other ones…
“The Wyndemere”. After my run I grabbed my iPhone, jumped into my Jeep and returned to take this picture below.



Those of you who’ve read Back From Heaven’s Front Porch may recall that Sammy’s last name is…yes…Windermere. Crazy, right? Nope, not really. So today, on a lonely country road I was supported in my fear and uncertainty as I pursue turning my vision into reality. I saw a sign…literally…that inspired me…it said, YES, GO FOR IT. Write the screenplay…all will be okay! I felt really freakin’ good.

My friends, whatever it is that challenges you…job, relationship, Faith, dreams, health…just be open to God, Light, Mother Earth, or kwan….I believe there is a Force to support and inspire and Love us…just ask Luke (or me). I call it Spirit.

Be well

PS. See you at the box office!