Being a Dad...our most important role.

As I celebrate my 24th Father’s Day I recall that as I was growing up I never even thought I’d get married, let alone have children. I sure am thankful this is not the case; I cannot imagine life without our three wonderful kids; Luke, Joey and Lizzy. The whole concept of how a baby happens continues to boggle my mind—now don’t be sending me messages about the act of procreation, ha ha , I got that. I remain in in awe of the miracle of conception and human development, and am thankful for what that has produced in the life of me and my wife, Lisa.

One of the principles of my jckrbbt methodology I write and speak about for creating a happy and fulfilling life is the principle of support—both seeking it, and being it.  Being in the role of Danny Bader: Dad, for these years has afforded me the gift of offering my support to these three.  It's been filled with struggle, disagreement, humility, and the perpetual realization that I’ve got a lot of work to continue doing on myself to grow.  Mostly though, it’s been filled with love and joy.  From games to school to romances to Carney’s annual Polar Bear Plunge to family outings and times at the beach…it’s all been real good. Taking part in being an influence to Luke, Joey and Lizzy has been the greatest gift I’ve received in this journey called LIFE—i guess I guess it’s a compliment that they’ve endeared me with the nickname “The Prophet”, “Proph” for short. Ha, guess it could be worse. I’ll always remember a great quote I heard years ago, “Many men can make a fortune, few can make a family.”  I’ve always focused on this as I know from growing up that my family—my mom and Dad and sister and six brothers were the most important relationships on which to focus to “make” our family.  There’s not question that without them, things would be very, very different for me.

Perhaps the best side of the jckrbbt support principle, being a Dad, is now seeking it.  Luke and I have had some fantastic conversations on what it means to be gay, that have really caused me to reflect and grow in my love and understanding.  Joey wrote the screenplay for Back From Heaven’s Front Porch and continually supports me in my story-telling ventures.  Lizzy has had a tremendous impact on my nutrition and health as she’s worked to evolve into an Ivy-League Athlete.

Luke, Joey and Lizzy—I’m tremendously proud of the young people you’ve become and I’m blessed and thankful to be your Dad.

So, this Father’s Day, I wish all you in a “fatherly role” congratulations, and I challenge you to slow down, smile, be thankful for your role as “Dad” and always continue to ask and answer this powerful question:

“Today, how can I be a better Dad?”

God Bless