Back From Heaven's Front Porch: 5 Principles to Create a Happy and Fulfilling Life

This is the story of one man's struggle to be alive again after an accident claims the life of his friend and nearly his own. After spending a few moments on Heaven's front porch with God, he is thrust back into his old life. In the months that follow, he struggles to find purpose and meaning in the day to day of life. In his quest, he uncovers five principles necessary to move him from just living again to being fully alive!

Abraham's Diner: Simple wisdom for more control, focus, and inspiration 

Patrick is an executive with a large consulting firm. He’s a busy man… very busy and very stressed. Then one rainy weekend morning he walks into Abraham’s Diner and his life is never the same. Crossing paths with Abraham sets Patrick on a journey that begins by acknowledging that “busy and stressed” is not his desired state of existence. Follow Patrick as he gains better clarity in his life by applying simple ideas like learning how to control his email in-box (instead of the other way around), separating what he merely wants from what he desires, and creating a vision that he can make come true.

I Met Jesus for a Miller Lite

Michael's dream is coming to an end, his future is uncertain, and he's surrounded by the suffering and struggles of his friends: Nick & Anna, Susan, Jackie. As he tries to make sense of it and find his path forward, a stranger offers him an opportunity to see his world differently. Join Michael and the other characters on their journey to persevere--and flourish--in this imperfect world...and perhaps you may be impacted yourself! Peace.