Danny shares five principles, that he calls jckrbbt, with audiences across the country. Through a keen sense of self and beliefs, Danny helps people develop their vision and strengthen their approach to creating a happy and more fulfilling life.



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Did you know that jackrabbits are known in the animal kingdom for their incredible vision? Their eyes are located back and high on their heads allowing them to see in all directions around them.  What if we took this principle and applied it to the vision we craft for our lives?  The jckrbbt approach helps people understand themselves and create a powerful vision they can turn into reality.   

Danny's passion and energy for this is rooted in his own journey of development.  After a tragic accident left his friend dead, and Danny having spent some time in ‘another place’ that he believes was Heaven.  Since then, Danny has distilled his philosophy of living a happy and fulfilling life into five principles, which he calls jckrbbt. Danny uses these five principles of as the basis of his thought-provoking, humorous and inspirational keynote addresses. 

There’s nothing more important than developing a clear and bold vision. Then you must develop habits and systems that allow you to move with great focus towards your vision. By engaging strong mindsets and eliminate limiting beliefs that hold you back, I believe you can live a purposefully productive life with the Jckrbbt principles.
— Danny Bader