The Millionaire Medium

Today’s guest has an unconventionally inspiring story! Known as the Millionaire Medium to many, Lisa Jones has a unique gift of being able to communicate with the supernatural. Lisa has learned how to tap into her innate ability to bring peace and confirmation to many individuals lives.

Life has brought her many opportunities to bring solace into the lives of grieving family members and to provide insight for corporate workers. To learn more about Lisa’s remarkable talent and how you can tap into your own spirituality join Danny Bader in this interview on Back to Life.

Show Highlights:

Lisa’s out of body experience and how she became a Millionaire Medium

Lisa’s first experiences with feeling the supernatural and interacting with spirits

Getting involved in corporate America and the influence spirituality had in Lisa’s position

Creating the life of your dreams and not living to please someone else

Paying attention to the signs life gives you

How Lisa’s career as a medium unfolded

How Lisa uses her gift to shine light on death in corporate

Interactions Lisa has had that spread tranquility for others

Methods to connect with your own Divine wisdom for people in corporate and for people who have lost a loved one

Practices to connect with your spirit

Embracing death and using it to improve the quality of life

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“I don’t feel the need to be a part of any organized religion”

“You don’t always know why”

“I’ve yet to learn how to monetize any of this gift”

“I feel like I’ve been called here to shine light on death”

“What fills me up are the emails I get from my listeners”

“This is the most healing place on the planet”

“Embracing death is the fastest way to improve your life”