Joe and Pat

Life is full of uncertainty, which is why we have to learn to do our best to navigate the ups and downs tenaciously. Today’s guests, Joe Mullen and Pat McCall have an abundance of experience in business and life which they graciously share in this episode. They discuss the impact of perseverance, breaking difficult patterns, and how to stay accountable in following your vision. This interview is full of tips to help navigate the raw and inevitable aspects of life. Join Danny Bader in this enlightening and heartfelt interview to learn how you can better live in the moment and head in the direction you want to go to live your best life.

Show Highlights:

Transitioning out of college into a career

Gaining knowledge from the experience of colleagues

Top strategies to practice through chaotic circumstances

The stigma behind grades and the importance of finding balance

Pushing past the pressure of pleasing others and pursuing a fulfilling career

Using the fear of failure as a motivator

Staying in the moment and learning to enjoy where you are

Why taking risks is necessary to achieve success

Stepping back and giving your children space to pursue their own path

Seeking support and the importance of solid friendships

Hiring young employees and unplugging from social media

The lasting impact of perseverance and hard work

Establishing a vision and taking time to refocus

The fulfillment of having close friends and family throughout life



“You always need someone to guide you out of college” – Joe

“Drive and hard work will beat everything out there” – Joe

“It’s easy to make excuses” – Pat

“Don’t go into accounting if you don’t want to do it for 45-50 years” – Joe

“If we said we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it” – Pat

“The money will take care of itself” – Joe

“At some point you’ve got to take that risk” – Joe