Phil Martelli 

Today’s episode of Back to Life has a very special guest, Coach Phil Martelli. Phil was not only Danny’s basketball coach, but he also coached the Saint Joseph Hawks basketball team to seven NCAA tournaments and is currently an assistant on staff with the University of Michigan Wolverines. Phil has had a notably successful career and has acquired an array of knowledge throughout his experiences. In this interview Phil gets vulnerable about his experiences and talks about the importance of being teachable, how love and companionship has supported him through his career, and finding strength in asking for help. Join Danny Bader in this insightful and exciting interview.  

Show Highlights:  

  • Reflecting on learning and staying teachable as the teacher  

  • The importance of respecting others time and how it benefits you long term  

  • Learning to pick yourself up from losses and move forward  

  • Phil’s best experiences throughout his extensive coaching career  

  • How Phil processed being fired and created new opportunities for himself  

  • The power of love and companionship through challenging times  

  • Why the ability to ask for help is a strength  

  • Trusting the universe to bring what’s meant for you into your life  

  • Bringing value to the table and being honest about experiences  

  • Predictions for this upcoming basketball season  

  • Phil’s biggest pieces of advice he’s learned over the years  



“Coaching is about people”  

 “In life and in basketball, we should be quick, but never rush”  

 “The last challenge is in the rearview mirror this challenge is in the windshield”  

“I wanted people to see it as their team and to celebrate that”  

“We end up putting job, responsibilities and then family but we have to flip that”  

“I felt like I had failed my entire family”  

 “I was very aware I wasn’t alone and I wasn’t going to get out of this alone”  

 “Asking for help is a strength”  

 “Life is a participatory sport”  

“At the end of the day this is still going to be about relationships”  

 “To get respect you have to give it first”  

“Every decision you make has to be based on respecting your family name”