The Power of Gratitude to Overcome Hardship with Tracy Davidson

Life is full of ups and downs, but it’s how we look at it that matters. In this episode, Tracy Davidson, a Philadelphia news anchor, shares her journey of establishing her career in TV and how she’s gotten to where she is now.

Tracy talks about the power of gratitude and how she’s overcome hardship throughout her life. She not only gives an array of insight on reframing our mindsets, but how to integrate stillness into our everyday practice. Join Danny Bader in this fulfilling conversation about compassion, leading with love, and living in the moment.

Show Highlights:

The journey that led Tracy to her career in TV

How to move through fear and earn peoples trust

The impact of following your faith and instinct

Experiences and challenges Tracy faced as a news forecaster

The power of thankfulness

Pushing yourself through to the other side of hardship

Doing a digital detox to be fully present

How to integrate calmness and stillness into your daily life

People who inspire Tracy and her favorite organizations to work with

Upcoming projects and retreats Tracy is working on

Investing more time in things that fill your soul up

Focusing on remembering and acting from a place of love

The importance of looking at life as a gift and using kind words


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“For me, all I wanted was a quiet, safe home. That’s what I envisioned as success”

“It’s hard now to earn, every single day, people’s confidence that you’re going to take care of them”

“When you’re quiet, that’s when you can hear your own voice”

“It is the greatest gift we are given, the ability to choose our thoughts”

“It’s not good or bad, it’s what you assign to it”