The Journey of Finding Your Passion with Davey Uosikkinen

Often times if we remain open, life will bring opportunity our way. Davey Uosikkinen, drummer for The Hooters, has manifested this practice his whole life. Not only has his openness to his journey led him to a wildly successful music career, but it’s allowed him to use his passion to enhance others’ lives. To hear more about Davey’s journey and how to find your own passion, join Danny Bader in this episode of Back to Life.  

Show Highlights:  

  • What Davey’s childhood looked like  

  • Early experiences with music  

  • Riding the incline of success  

  • Getting signed with Columbia records  

  • The biggest challenges in pursuing music  

  • Struggling with drug addiction  

  • The power of the mind and the impact of having a positive attitude  

  • Staying connected with others  

  • Daily rituals to practice  

  • The art of pursuing your passion  

  • Davey’s current projects  

  • Doing a commercial for the first time  

  • Staying open to opportunity  

  • Overcoming obstacles  

  • The art of simplifying situations  

  • Being open minded and willing  




Instagram: @daviduosikkinen  


“People have their ideas on what you ought to be” 

“The business of music is different than it used to be”   

“Sometimes as a band you bump heads – it’s like a family”  

“The real judge is always the audience”  

“If I’m in my own head I’m behind enemy lines”  

 “You just got to be willing and open minded to see what the next opportunity is”