Overcoming Obstacles to Pursue Your Dreams

When most of us think Nashville, we think of country music and upcoming artists, much like todays’ guests. Both Priscilla Block and Brandon Lovelady are aspiring musicians who have quit their traditional jobs in order to pursue their passions full time. In today’s’ interview, we cover the struggles of pursuing a non traditional career, the pressure of being surrounded by other artists, and how to keep yourself motivated. Join Danny Bader in this episode of Eleven Minutes to Inspiration to hear more from visionary individuals following their dreams.

Show Highlights:  

  • What Priscilla and Brandon’s life looked like growing up  

  • Picking up playing music at a young age  

  • The difficulties with pursuing a nontraditional career  

  • Dealing with day-to-day tests and hardships 

  • The pressure of being surrounded by other aspiring artists  

  • Using others success as a motivator  

  • Getting exposure and creating a fanbase  

  • Dealing with bad days and lacking motivation  

  • Relaying faith through music  

  • The importance of having a long-term vision and holding yourself accountable  

  • Key goals for the next year  

  • Being personable and authentic  

  • Not taking no for an answer  

  • Defining success for yourself  




“After a year I really had to change my perspective – I stopped taking no for an answer” – Priscilla  

“I really believe that groups of people rise together” – Priscilla  

“It’s a grind here” – Brandon  

“I try to study and learn something new every day” – Brandon  

“if you want it, go get it” – Priscilla  

“Everyone’s not going to be obsessed with what you’re doing” – Priscilla