Using Your Own Tough Circumstances to Help Others with Bobby Sinnott

More often than not, the most life altering changes in our lives happen when we least expect it. For Bobby Sinnott, that was being diagnosed with ALS. While he could have easily let his diagnoses hold him back, Bobby has chosen to remain positive and spread awareness for this disease that impacts so many lives.

In this episode, Bobby talks about his journey and the importance of charitable giving. Bobby is a surgeon and his diagnosis has dramatically altered how he uses his training for his patients, but he’s still found a way to remain active in his career and making a different in the lives of others.

Tune into this episode with Danny Bader to hear more about Bobby Sinnott’s story and how you can make a difference too!

Show Highlights:

* How Bobby and Danny met

* Getting diagnosed with ALS

* Different methods to treat ALS

* Finding blessings through tribulation

* How having faith has impacted Bobbys’ life

* Becoming active in ALS associations

* The importance of being involved in charities

* Why exercise and therapy are important

* Accepting help from others

* Altering your mentality to bring more happiness to people around you



“We’re heartbroken but we’re not broken”

“It’s just a feeling of total and utter peace”

“It’s a good thing to donate money to whatever charity you think is important”