In Spite of Your Circumstances, You Are Able with Chris Kaag

It’s easy to become discouraged and distracted by our own trials and perceived disadvantages. It can be difficult to look outside of our own limitations and to serve others without expecting anything in return. While this level of selflessness can be difficult, people such as Chris Kaag won’t hesitate for a moment when it comes to serving others. Chris Kaag is a father, an entrepreneur, CEO of a nonprofit organization, and a former United States Marine. He has accomplished many admirable goals, all while overcoming his physical struggle that left him in a wheelchair. To hear more about Chris’ journey and how he used his struggles to empower others tune into this episode of 11 Minutes to Inspiration with your host, Danny Bader.

Show Highlights:

·       How Chris Kaag came to be in a wheelchair

·       Finding a source of positivity through tragedy

·       Improvising, adapting and overcoming

·       Creating a career out of your vision

·       Being adaptive

·       Finding equipment to fit adaptive people

·       Overlooking challenges to help others

·       Putting your situation in a different perspective



I was in the Marine Corps for over a year and thought I had the world figured out” – Chris

“I want to be able to help as many people as I can” – Chris

“Don’t be defined by your disability be defined by what you’re doing in spite of it” – Chris

“Every single one of us has our own crosses to bear” – Chris