Set Your Intentions to Clarify Your Mission with Chris Pan

Your purpose and intent may be unclear, but sometimes all you have to do is ask yourself a few questions to get clarity. Chris Pan has created a company around intent and he’s designed it to help make those questions easier - and he’s created a product to help you remind yourself of that intent. It’s time to claim your word to match your intent. Once you establish your own calling it’s easier to help others recognize their calling, which is the purpose of this overall project. If you want to learn more about building community, spreading positivity, and discovering your own word, tune into this episode of 11 Minutes to Inspiration with your host, Danny Bader.

Show Highlights:

* Working with Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

* Creating a project that reflects personal passions

* Establishing what you want to implement in your life

* Activating your personal word and helping others activate theirs

* Inviting people in a space to create

* Helping other people find their word

* Inspirational stories

* Pulling content together to support communities

* Taking time to slow down and tap into inspiration


Instagram/Facebook: Myintent


“I thought the world could use more kindness, more compassion, more empathy” – Chris

“It’s inspiring to hear other people’s’ stories” – Chris

“The answer to inspiration lies from within” – Chris