Identifying Suicide Risk Factors and Taking Appropriate Action with Janet Sarkos

Suicide awareness has become a prominent topic over the past few years but we are still in the beginning stages of truly taking action. Many of us probably know someone who has thought about or committed suicide, but didn’t know how to help them. In this interview Janet Sarkos, executive director at Caring Contact, helps identify red flags and how to take appropriate action. It could mean the difference between life and death. Tune into this episode of Eleven Minutes to Inspiration with Danny Bader to see how you can get involved and help prevent another senseless suicide.  

Show Highlights:  

  • Age group most susceptible to suicide  

  • The psychology behind suicide  

  • Getting past anger 

  • Signs to look for when someone is considering suicide  

  • Invitations to ask 

  • Strategies to approach someone with suicidal signs  

  • Paying attention to others emotions  

  • Becoming more aware and comfortable with the topic of suicide  

  • How to get a third party in involved  

  • Success stories  


Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255 


“Surprisingly, the group that has the highest incidents of suicide are white males between 45-65” – Janet  

“Anger is sort of a blanket emotion and there’s always underlying emotions” – Janet  

“You have to work hard to pay attention” – Janet  

“You have to ask” – Janet  

“Ask the question, be there for that person, collaborate” – Janet  

“Open yourself up to paying attention to other people and what they’re dealing with” – Janet  

“I hope people will get more comfortable about the topic of suicide” – Janet