I met Jesus for a Miller Lite

While we all tend to look for Jesus in the church pews on Sunday morning, but sometimes he’s found in the most unexpected places. God can be found anywhere, and sometimes we just need to stop looking and meet him for a Miller Lite. In Danny Bader’s new book, I met Jesus for a Miller Lite, he shows a new perspective on meeting God, trusting in him, and exploring those core values. In this episode of 11 Minutes to Inspiration, your host Sally Marie Young interviews Danny Bader to get more insight on his inspiration. Tune into this episode to find your platform to meet God and learn to live in the simplicity of your personal spirituality.

Show Highlights:

·       Meaning behind the book title

·       How to separate spirituality from religion

·       Inspiration behind the characters

·       Struggling with sense of worth, relationships, and health

·       Keeping simplicity exciting

·       Paying attention to signs

·       Having control

·       Surrendering when you don’t have control

·       Deepening faith and asking questions

·       Having trust

·       Writing for yourself and not to please others

·       Leading with love


“We don’t need the message to be brought from grand churches” – Danny

“It is those simplistic signs we tend to miss in life” – Sally

“there are things in life we won’t have control over but we always have control over how we react to the situation” – Danny