How to Thrive in the Face of Devastating Circumstances with Chic Kelly

Life often throws things at us unexpectedly; you get caught off guard and you’re not sure how to handle the situation. It often takes tragedies to show us what is really important in life, but we don’t all have to experience devastating circumstances in order to learn how to be prepared for it.

Chic Kelly is a prime example of someone who dealt with adversity and learned how to apply his conquests to helping others. Tune into this episode of 11 Minutes to Inspiration with Danny Bader to get inspired and learn to appreciate the positive moments in your life when faced with adversity.

“The gift I have to offer is being a regular guy who dealt with adversity and overcame it.” – Chic Kelly

Show Highlights:

* How Chic Kelly got started in hockey

* How Chic Kelly dealt with breaking his neck and being paralyzed

* Not being able to enjoy normal tasks

* Putting your life back together after tragedy

* How to interact with and lead students

* Using your experience to help others grow

* Learning to make others feel worthy

* Getting to help families who are experiencing tough situations

* Appreciating things in life

* Finding a support system

* Creating a bank of happy memories

* Living with spirituality

* Staying connected with people



“It’s really cool to work with people who taught you” – Chic Kelly

“You have to be a master in your subject” – Chic Kelly

“This is really a job about helping young people discover who they are and their place in the world” – Chic Kelly

“The gift I have to offer is being a regular guy who dealt with adversity and overcame it” – Chic Kelly

“You have to continue to learn with them” – Chic Kelly

“You have to find something that brings you peace, tranquility, and stability” – Chic K