The Military Medium, Dean McMurray

While it’s unlikely we will all win the lottery, get struck by lightning, win a Nobel prize, or become the next Albert Einstein, if you put every possibility together, it’s likely that something significant will happen to all of us.

Typically, these things happen when we least expect it. At least, that’s how it happened for Dean McMurray. Dean is a father, a husband, and a dog owner from a small town who served in the armed forces; I’m sure you know many people who fit this qualification. But along these platitudinal titles, Dean is a psychic medium.

Dean McMurray’s, also known as the Military Medium, gift came unexpectedly and changed his life; even when he didn’t want it to. Tune into this episode of Eleven Minutes to Inspiration, with your host Danny Bader, to learn more about the psychic gift and how to pursue your own gifts.

Show Highlights:

* What a psychic medium is

* Empowering individuals with your gifts

* Questions you can’t ask a medium

* Changing the direction of your life

* Being in the right place to receive spirits

* How your gifts will manifest in the right timing

* Faith being tested

* Confirmation in your gifts

* Validation in a higher power

* What life on the other side is like and the journey to get there

* Sharing your energy and light with the world


Dean’s Website

Quotes for Social Media:

“Lead with love” – Danny

“If you don’t like where your life is going pick up the pen” – Dean

“Once I started accepting that role as a medium I became Dean the soldier by day and Dean the medium by night” – Dean

“Trust the divine timing” – Dean

“Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous” – Danny

“Know you are loved and you are all gifted” – Dean