Don Sandel

I met Don Sandel about 4 years ago, and ever since then I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when we mixed our two areas of passion and expertise. The result is nothing short of wonderful. In a former life, Don worked with at a large pharmaceutical organization leading their Learning and Development department. With his background in human behavior, Don decided it was time for some new ventures out on his own.

Now, Don is offering people wonderful opportunities to grow into their full potential to live fulfilling, happy lives. His research and methods focus on shaping a mindset that leaps onto opportunity and silences our evolutionary conditioning to be wary and negative. Through Don’s work with GoPositiv, people across the world are discoing how to unlock a positive, optimistic mindset that is paving the way to success.

In this week’s episode, you will hear Don explain the biological component to our happiness, and how we can literally rewire our nervous system to make us even happier and less fearful. He will teach us the tools we can use to change our mindset and banish negativity. You will be able to understand the research behind happiness, as well as a seminal study upon which a lot of the GoPositiv work is based. You won’t just leave this episode inspired, you will also be empowered! Listen to find out just how easy it is to see the sunny side of life.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

·       Why positivity is so essential for workforce performance.

·       The benefits you will see when you change your mindset.

·       How to open up the potential of your brain.

·       How positivity generates inspiration.

·       Examples of self-limiting beliefs.

·       5 Ways to Improve Happiness Scores.

Links Mentioned in the Show:


“We make a link between positivity and higher performance.”

“When you are happy, positive, and optimistic, your brain is literally different.”

“We have to conquer our negativity bias.”