51 good things to do that I’ve learned in my 51 years…

1. Stay connected to the “something bigger” in the world…I call it God!
2. Forgive others.
3. Love your Mom/Dad/Sister(s)/Brother(s) and extended family.
4. Invest in your friends…they’re priceless.
5. Eat healthy.
6. Exercise.
7. Journal.
8. Ski the Rockies (preferably in the Spring).
9. Travel to new beaches.
10. Forgive yourself.
11. Drive in a Jeep with the top off (might want to have a baseball hat).
12. Swim naked every once in a while.
13. Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas every Christmas Season.
14. Watch the sunrise…often.
15. Study and learn…always.
16. Create periods of stillness in your days.
17. Lead with Love.
18. Eat good food.
19. Eat chocolate…with peanut butter is even better.
20. Sit on the Schooner docked behind the Lobster House (Cape May).
21. Value the days…they go fast.
22. Don’t wait until March to file your taxes.
23. Buy good quality sunglasses.
24. Buy good quality running shoes.
25. Run a half-marathon.
26. Be BOLD.
27. Trust.
28. Write a vision letter each year predicting your future in all areas of your life.
29. Visit the race track once in a while to watch the horses run.
30. Spend time with people significantly younger.
31. Spend time with people significantly older.
32. Eat pizza.
33. Burn candles.
34. Commit to the possibilities of this life.
35. Wear worn cowboy boots without socks.
36. Write a book.
37. Volunteer—be support for others.
38. Give someone in your life a gift for no reason.
39. Get a massage.
40. Floss.
41. Read inspiring books.
42. Seek support—ask for help when you need it.
43. Get a dog.
44. Listen to your “gut” and “intuition”.
45. Refrain from judgment.
46. Love others, but don’t try to please everyone!
47. Go barefoot when possible.
48. Go to Pat’s or Geno’s for cheesesteak at least twice a year.
49. Expect greatness from your kids…and support them in that process.
50. Expect good things for yourself and family.
51. And…the people you love…tell them!