A horse doesn’t know his odds…hmmm (maybe they’re onto something?)

I love the Holidays—so much time with family and friends. Everyone—well, most people—just seem happier. During one of our get together’s my brother made a statement as we were watching some horse races.  He said, “A horse doesn’t know his odds.” Hmmmm.

This struck a chord with me as I took that comment and inserted the word ‘person’ for ‘horse.’  It’s been my personal experience, and in my role as coach that many folks do not know their odds.  And this is because most people don’t invest the time in developing a very clear vision of what they desire to create for themselves personally and professionally this year.  How can one predict their odds when they have not defined the race nor the finish line…in other words…their vision?  I’d suggest it’s  impossible.  So if I were to ask you, “What are your odds on having a really phenomenal year?” could you tell me?  If so, great…you know what I’m offering up here…and if not, maybe take a listen below if you’d like to hear more about the 2 things I believe are vital to being satisfied this time next year with what we’ve created for ourselves.

I suppose one positive in the horse not knowing his odds is that he/she sets no limiting beliefs into motion.  If a horse has “self-talk” I’m guessing it’s usually positive.  It’s not like they’re sitting in the starting gate saying, “Shit, I’m 18 to 1, this is not gonna be good.”  Haha.

So come on, let’s all get clear on the vision we desire to be reality this time next year…and let’s hold the strong thought that we are all 2:1 favorites…because I believe we are!

Be well and all the best in 2015!