Life is a Journey

Last night I attended a 50th birthday celebration for a high school friend of mine—a lot of those in my world these days.  Ha ha. He’s a great guy and we often discuss and ponder the jckrbbt principles.   I gave him a jckrbbt t-shirt and he gave me the compass medallion and note you see in the this post.  I was touched.  He and I have both had our challenges—haven’t we all?

We talked of this journey called life.  We talked of all the joy it provides…the births, the graduations, the weddings, the family and friends we love, and so on.

We also talked about the challenges…the deaths, the loss of jobs, the broken relationships, and the depression so many of our family and friends experience.  Sometimes this depression is fierce, other times it’s just a lingering hurt, a pain… I call it a funk.

So I’m guessing we’ve all been in a funk before…right?  And I trust we’ve all passed through it.  One of Churchill’s famous quotes is, “When you’re going through hell; keep going.”  Yes, Winston, well stated.  So what is it that gets us out of and through our funks?  I propose that often it’s a strong vision of the other side of the funk, and then of course the action to create a new outcome.

But I’ve also recently been thinking about it another way, sometimes, rather than being busy with action…sometimes we need to welcome acceptance.  Sometimes we have to make choices that do not get us quickly out of the funk.  Sometimes we just need to accept that some funks are a result of our emotion to situations that we just can’t fully control and influence.  It’s during these times that we just need to try with all our might to muster a smile and press on…sometimes “It is what it is.”  But one thing I do know…it will all be okay.

Be well