Yanked out of “neutral”

I have a nephew who lives in LA and is in the film business. He loves movies and is forever giving me and other family members his recommendations.  A recent one was, The Spectacular Now, starring Miles Teller.  As I watched the trailer (link below) I heard a great line delivered by an older character.  He said to Miles’ character, Sutter, “I thought she’d be the one to yank you out of neutral”.

So, it got me to thinking about the concept of “neutral.”  It can mean a lot I guess.  “Neutral” to me is when we’re not moving—or maybe we are moving but our engine is not engaged and we are just coasting.  Now while there may be appropriate reasons and perhaps times in life when neutral is where we should be, I’m thinking forward progress is key; and vital to us creating what we want to create.  Maybe neutral is an okay place to be, just not an okay place to stay.

So where can we be in “neutral”?

  • Physically – we just can’t get into a strong diet and exercise program (although “neutral” is okay for a few days after your first 1/2 marathon)
  • Career – we’re going through the motions, collecting a paycheck, and liking Fridays much better than Monday mornings
  • Spiritually – we just can’t seem to connect with the higher power/God
  • Relationships – we love somebody but it’s just tougher than it should be, and the answer to making it easier just ain’t clear

What struck me about the line delivered in the movie trailer, “I thought she’d be the one to yank you out of neutral”, is that it offered the potential for someone other than you to get you going again.  One of my favorite jckrbbt principles is seek support, and while there are many ways to do this—self-talk; books, movies, prayer…there is nothing–in my humble opinion–nothing better than a conversation with a friend who loves you and you love them.

So…are you in “neutral’ anywhere in your wonderful life?  If not, well done…if so, call that friend; trust me…they will yank you out of neutral.