Where might you need to think differently?


I know this quote may seem confusing, but i’d encourage you to read it again, slowly, out loud. Now think about an area of your life that’s not how you want it to be. If I asked you to tell me about what’s happening, you’d would tell me your “thinking.” Now what we have to understand (and trust me it’s a work in progress for me always) is that we can likely influence this situation/person when we become aware of our thinking. Most often our thinking is not useful to the outcome we want; it does not put us in a good frame of mind from which to act. We need to hold “useful thoughts”. This is not the positive thinking b.s., it is science. I know for certain when we change how we think about something, we feel different, and we’ll take different actions than we have in the past…and this will likely produce a new outcome. So maybe give it a try, it really is that simple. Life is too short to not work daily on creating what you want for you and your family. Peace.