Strengthen Your Approach To Get The Results You Want

Strengthen my approach to what you ask…How about to life?  To your relationships, to your health, to your wealth, to your career, to your Spirituality and on and on.  A google search for ‘how to change your results’ yielded 2.87 billion of them in .47 seconds.  Okay, so then where to begin, who has the time to research the research, right? Let me offer a simple place to begin that has worked for me and many others.

The definition of the noun, approach, is a way of dealing with something.  In my work with the people of organizations the entire day of our Managing Yourself and Your Stuff workshop is devoted to having the person become more conscious of their approach…specifically to how they 1) manage and organize their commitments and workflow, and 2) how they manage themselves—their thinking and behaviors as it relates to their mind, body and Soul.  All of this leading toward them getting more done in less time, with less stress, and more fulfillment.  Trust me, it’s always a great day.

To review your approach to any area of your life, you have to slow down, and begin by examining how you think about this area. Very simply, how we deal with something is the result of what we are thinking about it, and then from that reference what we are doing about it (action); or not doing, procrastination is a hell of an action.

So, think about an area of your life you want different results in: productivity, a relationship, your career, your income, your health. How are you thinking about this now?  Write these thoughts down. Then ask, How can I think about this differently?  How would someone I respect and admire think about this?  Write these down.  Then the key is to act from the second set of thoughts.  And should fear, risk and uncertainty—those wonderful triplets that travel together—show up, close your eyes and hold a very clear image of the result you want to have happen.  Then act.