Did you miss the recent holiday called "Do Something Day"?

Earlier this week I was doing my journaling while watching a beautiful sunrise in Santo Domingo. I wrote the date at the top of my journal page, March 4th, not a big deal, I do it everyday. But this day i said it out loud, and paused to smile. “march fourth” I said, right? No, I said “march forth.” I did some research and found this article that educated me I’d stumbled upon a homophone - words or expressions that are pronounced alike, but have different meanings. (I know, I know, I’m not sure where this comes from either—just my brain that seems to be going almost all the time.) You’ll see in the article that March 4th is actually a holiday called Do Something Day. I smiled because this was a wonderful reminder, and somewhat of a supporting “sign” for me as i’m the process of working on my “brand”— redesigning the website, moving away from my primary business model of doing workshops, and making some other changes to my business. So, I could stay “safe” doing things the way I’ve been doing them…or develop a bolder vision and “march” toward that.

A suggested way to celebrate this holiday is to begin something that you have always wanted to do, but have never had the chance to. So as I sat in the stillness of the early morning, and whispered “march forth”, it was confirming for me that I was on the right path, and it allowed me to embrace the fear, risk and uncertainty that lines the path of growth and change.

So, as we continue through this month of March, What must you begin so you continue to grow on this journey called LIFE?