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JCKRBBT Keynote addresses:

After a tragic accident left his friend dead, and Danny having spent some time in ‘another place’ that he believes was Heaven.  Since then, Danny has distilled his philosophy of living a happy and fulfilling life into five principles, which he calls jckrbbt. Danny uses these five principles as the basis of his thought-provoking, humorous and inspirational keynote addresses. 


audiences will: 

  • Develop and execute your clear vision

  • Use stillness to renew energy and focus

  • Identify & leverage your talent and skills 

  • Eliminate your negative thinking & build strong mindsets

  • Commit to your continued growth 


learn to manage yourself and your stuff


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Danny Bader is known for powerfully connecting with audiences,

propelling listeners into fulfilling & productive lives.


Learn to manage yourself & your stuff workshop

This workshop provides individuals with a strategy to increase their productivity. The key isn't managing your time, it's managing your focus. In this practical workshop, participants will develop a clear vision and identify the mindsets that prevent them from achieving their goals.  They are provided the tools to evolve their thinking and maximize their focus.


Participants Will:

  • Develop a strong, habitual approach, and system to maintain your focus
  • Understand how “being still” actually supports productivity
  • Build strong mindsets about “your world”
  • Develop an inspiring personal vision

Hear What people are saying after an event with Danny


You were definitely the star of our session, and a perfect closer, Danny! 
— Keynote Attendee

"We were introduced to Danny at a presentation at our hotel. During my career I have seen many deliver motivation messages, and I will tell you, he is above the rest. His approach was refreshing and on point. I loved it. I would highly recommend having him speak to any company or team." - Keynote Attendee


"I want to thank you for doing more than just teaching/leading a seminar. Thank you for blessing us with your passion and energy. You are an inspiration, and you have renewed my desire to ‘get my butt off the couch!’ " - Workshop Participant